The simulator that Team Jetsim use to raise money for charity is based around the Boeing 737-800. Many airlines around the world use this type of aircraft. It uses 220 degree surround visuals for the outside view and the cockpit is a replica of the real aircraft.

We would like to thank Jonathan and the Jet Sim School for allowing us to use the simulator free of charge for charity events throughout the year.

The simulator is owned and run by Jet Sim School Ltd. Jet Sim School Ltd was founded in 2015 by its Director Jonathan Lockton. The high fidelity fixed base Boeing 737-800 simulator based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire was built to fill a gap in the market place between the ‘hobbiest’ simulators used by the public for experience flights and the very expensive full motion simulators used by the airlines.

The simulator has been built to a very high specification with features, such as an operational ACARS with printer, IAN, NPS and VATSIM integration. These features are not found at many other simulators, including some of the £20million+ full motion simulators used by airlines.

Whether you’re an enthusiast, perhaps flying a flight simulator on your PC at home, a private pilot looking to experience the differences between a light aircraft and an airliner, or an airline pilot wanting to practice skills, Jet Sim School Ltd have got you covered!